Capital Call is a weekly newsletter highlighting what investors in European startups are thinking—in their own words. We are Willy Braun, Nicolas Colin, and Vincent Touati-Tomas, and we’ve decided to launch it for three reasons:

  • An ongoing conversation among investors is a critical contribution to building a startup ecosystem. It helps with firming up investment theses, spotting opportunities for new ventures, and influencing various stakeholders such as financiers, incumbents, the government, the press, and academia. We need more of these conversations if we want the pan-European ecosystem to mature.

  • There are more and more European investors voicing their ideas in public, without necessarily waiting for journalists to interview them. They write on Medium (or Substack 😉), they contribute threads on Twitter, they have conversations with other ecosystem players in podcasts. We want to curate that content, which is only growing in quantity and quality.

  • Those who invest in European tech lack a common platform where their ideas collide. Too often, a detour via the US is needed for interesting ideas to be shared and new voices to emerge. European investors are guests in the Silicon Valley salon, where conversations are necessarily centered on the US, when in fact they could have (and need) their own forum to discuss Europe.

Who do we feature in Capital Call?

Our definition of a “European investor” is rather large. They can be partners or operators in VC and PE firms, angel investors, scouts, analysts, hedge fund managers, or investment bankers. We want to focus on the individuals and stress the diversity of backgrounds, cultures, and languages that characterizes tech investing in Europe—hence, the flags attached to each name. A section at the end of each issue is dedicated to providing more details about the individuals featured in that issue.

See the Twitter list of all those who were Featured in Capital Call.

(Also follow our fast-growing Twitter list of Female VCs in Europe.)

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